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Adjustable Radius Control (ARC)
Musical Instrument Stand

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On the stage

The ARC is designed to hold stringed instruments in perfect position.  If you are a musician that uses different instruments (switching-off) the ARC allows you to just step into playing without having to remove one instrument first.  If you are a keyboard player or percussionist you can have your alternating instrument perfectly set up right by your side to switch during a song or during the set.

In the studio

The ARC can be used in any professional studio to position instruments to capture their full sound if analog recording without having to re-record because the artist moved slightly out of the perfect audio dynamic.  The ARC is also perfect for live recordings where an instrument switch is part of the song.

On the bench

Luthiers and Guitar Techs can have more flexibility in working on stringed instruments using the ARC.  Attached to the side of a workbench you can position the instrument however you need to for painting, repairs or finishing.  By using the ARC as an extension of you workbench allows you to bill more bench hours by freeing up the bench faster.

Guitar Techs can use the ARC to suspend the guitar for maintenance and string changes.  Think of having a way to work on the guitar, change strings and clean it without ever having to re-position the guitar or move it.

In a medical treatment facility

Music Therapy is proving to help so many people with physical and mental disabilities.  Having the ability to use the ARC in a treatment center so anyone with a physical disability can still learn how to play or even just experience strumming a stringed instrument.

ARC  The acronym stands for Adjustable Radius Control.  What it offers to many different musicians is not unique but as with all RE-Axe Products, it is the BEST in its category.

Solid Construction-        The ARC is made from tube steel not aluminum or plastics.  From the moment you set it up you can see and feel the quality of materials and the secure feeling it provides.  This picture shows the ARC fully suspending a 38lb bass guitar at Summer NAMM.

Fully Adjustable-            We do mean FULLY adjustable.  From each bracket to the ARC rail, you can move or position a stringed instrument with almost 360 degrees of movement.

Acoustic OR Electric OR Bass- 

The ARC IS the best in class because it can hold and support many different     stringed instruments.  As most similar products are for Electric OR Acoustic, the ARC is available with two sets of clamps that cover most electric, acoustic, or even bass guitars.

Disability Friendly-

The ARC in the full kit used a mounted pedalboard as the base support.  This allows an artist to walk into position to play.  It also allows people who may be in a wheel chair or have other physical restrictions to have the instrument perfectly in front of them without having to hold it.